The Class of Happiness

Because Happiness was never schooled! 

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1 in 7 (10-19 years-old) experience mental health conditions 

40% of kids experience anxiety and depression

19,5% of kids show an attention deficit/hyperactivity

Why Class of Happiness?


Our goal is clear:

To foster self-awareness and to provide children with tools to navigate their challenges. The program empowers children to be leaders in their lives.

Extra-curricular Program:

An after school and holiday early intervention extra curricular program for Primary and HS years . Focused on equipping children and youth with the tools to take charge of their future well-being.

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Special needs support in schools

Contracted support for specific special needs students. Development of IEPs, behaviour plans, modified curriculum content and identifying needed services/resources.

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Teacher workshops & school wellbeing development

Workshops for teachers on positive behaviour strategies, working with special needs, zones of regulation program, school community well-being.

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Parent workshops & Tunning into Kids Program

Tuning into Kids and Teens programs as developed by the Melbourne University. Additional programs to support parents in fostering and managing children's well-being and future lifeskills.

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A few kind words


Delilah absolutely loves it. We have her in different programs and happiness class is her favourite. I think it's a really great program that should be part of the school day for all kids, especially younger ones.



"Stella is enjoying the freedom and creativity provided in the happy class. It is a little breath of fresh air for her during the week. She is not always willing to follow an imposed agenda. This is probably one of her favourite times of the week, when she is in the Happy Class.


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