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What is it?

An after school and holiday early intervention extra curricular program for Primary and HS years . Focused on equipping children and youth with the tools to take charge of their future well-being.



The program aims to foster self-awareness and to provide children with tools to navigate their challenges. The extra curricular program empowers children and young people to be leaders in their lives.


How we achieve this?

We achieve this by exploring a range of evidence-based topics that impact on our children’s future well-being. The program incorporates experiential learning, engaging group activities and focuses on team work and mindfulness exercises. We focus on equipping children with the tools to take charge of their lives. The ‘Class of Happiness’ is inclusive of english and portuguese language learners. It allows for students to develop essential social and emotional skills necessary for future success. 


Membership Options

Monthly Membership 1

1h per week for primary education (4 hours a month)

Monthly Membership 2

1h per week for high school education (4 hours a month)

Monthly Membership 3

High School and Primary in the same school (4 hours each a month)

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