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Tunning Into Kids Program

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What is it?

Tuning into Kids and Teens programs as developed by the Melbourne University. Additional programs to support parents in fostering and managing children's well-being and future lifeskills.



To provide workshops and training for parents surrounding their child's wellbeing, special needs and positive behaviour support.



Zones of Regulation Program (1 hr)

Development of student emotional Intelligence and student awareness or their emotions, strategies to regulate in school.

Positive Behaviour Strategies (1 hr)

Ways to make behaviour support plans, classroom behaviour strategies, prompt hierarchy, building rapport, group work strategies and more.

Accommodating Special Needs Students (1 hr)

IEPS, resources, modifying learning goals, sensory needs, augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) social skills, functional learning, long term planning, family wellbeing and finding external supports/services.

Tuning into Kids and Tuning into Teens Program (6 wk)

Tuning in to Kids® is an evidence-based, emotion-focused group parenting program originally developed by Associate Professor Sophie Havighurst and Ann Harley in 1999.

Class of Happiness (Lifeskills and Wellbeing) (1h)

General parenting support on topics such as emotions, relationships, online usage, risk taking, life balance, mental health and future career paths.

Study Skills Prep (1 hr) and Career Advice

Supporting high school students to develop specific study skills, time management systems and explore options for after school.

Community Connections (1 hr) and initial needs assessment from qualified Social Worker

Support to find services, therapists, tutors and community programs. Initial Mental health and well-being crisis counselling assessment and referral.

Dadsconnect - 1 to 1 support and father son retreat

The class of happiness offers 1 to 1 support for dads in person and online. The program also encompasses a father son retreat. This is an oppotunity to bond, form close relationships and learn what it is to become a man.


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