Special needs support in schools

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What is it?

Contracted support for specific special needs students. Development of IEPs, behaviour plans, modified curriculum content and identifying needed services/resources.



To provide one to one or small group support for special needs students in primary or high school. The class of happiness recognises that students are all individuals and we encourage their potential and inclusion.


How we achieve this?

By structuring individual education and social goals for your child, celebrating their individuality and strengths and natural desire to learn. Support can include one on one teaching or small group support programs - that works alongside class teachers to deliver a modified curriculum that best fits. We can support in the development of IEPs (individualised education plans) modified curriculums and assist in adjusting learning goals. We support a balanced holistic education framework by providing student care and supporting your child’s happiness and wellbeing, whilst supporting their family and wider support systems.


Our options


Includes resources and program materials.

2-3 students

Includes resources and program materials.

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